How To Avoid Unhealthy Food Habits At Workplace

Manam daily mana work life lo busy undi healthy food options ni ignore chesi unhealthy food habits ni choose cheskuntam. Intlo oka roju lunch oack cheyadam late ayindi antey we tend to eat in office cafeteria, adey lazy bachelors untey complete ga cooking avoid chesi yepudu aydey cafeteria lo tintaru. Kani eelanti outside inka unhealthy food yeni rojulu mana body ki manchidi ani did you ever think?

Cafeteria lo unna food lo refined grains , sodium content unna foods ni yekuva use chestharu. Eelanti food roju mana diet lo include chesthey long run lo mana health ni damage cheskuntam. Kani eelanti unhealthy food habits ni avoid cheyali antey emi cheyali? What should we do ani anukuntunara? Aythey ee article pakka chudali.

The high amount of empty calories:

Unhealthy Food Habits At Workplace

Solid fats inka added sugar undadam valla ee food lo high amount of empty calories untai.

Avoid eating every day:

Unhealthy Food Habits At Workplace

daily basis lo workplace lo food consume cheskuntey body ki manam regular kanna excess calories esthunam.

Limited healthy options:

Unhealthy Food Habits At Workplace

Chala varaku junk, unhealthy food options lo healthy food options chala limited ga untai. Eela healthy food ni pakana peti junk inka unhealthy food ni prefer chestham.

Avoid fried and high cheese content food:

Unhealthy Food Habits At Workplace

Major ga meeru roju cafeteria food consumes chesthey, try avoiding deep fried and cheese related dishes like this you will avoid the excess calorie content into your body.

Avoid eating in a group:

Unhealthy Food Habits At Workplace

Normal ga single leda two people tintey we tend to eat little but when you eat in a group you tend to eat more and take in excess calories than the regular count.

Employee wellness program:

Unhealthy Food Habits At Workplace

on regular basis wellness inka fitness pyna program chesi employers ki awareness esthey chala varaku outside eating habits reduce avuthai.

If you put these points in your mind and avoid such things you can avoid eating unhealthy food at workplace.

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