How to deal with a breakup


Mana generation lo dating inka breakups chala common! It might sound easy kaani, dealing with a break is the worst aftermath kadha? If you are going through this rough phase, memu meetho unnamu! Here are tips for you to deal with a breakup:

Let it outbreakupThe most important thing to do is let it out. Meeru mee feeling ni entha bhaitiki cheppukuntaaro, antha quickly you will get over it. Not just to a person, meeru mee feeling diary lo kuda raasukovacchu. Just vent it out!
Forgive and forgetbreakupRule number 2, mee ex ni forgive cheyandi inka, forget about your ex. Vaalla against hatred pettukovadam will never let you move on. Forgive ante, doesn’t mean that you take them back. Always remember that if they can leave you once, they can leave you twice.
Go on a tripbreakupGo on a solo trip or mee friends toh trip plan cheyandi. Mee problem toh deal cheyadaaniki, this is the best antidote.
Go on a shopping spree breakupPamper yourself! Retail therapy is the best therapy for you. Shopping chesthe you’ll feel like a completely new person.
Reconnect with friendsbreakupManam relationship lo unnappudu unknowingly mana friends nunchi drift ayithamu. After the breakup, mee friends toh malli touch lo ochhi hangout with them more often.
Focus on yourselfbreakupInthavaraku you focused on your partner kadha? Kaani not anymore! Meeru meeke first priority icchukovaali. Read a book or join the gym. Give enough time for yourself.