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How to defeat ISIS? And what you can do sitting at home


The Paris Attacks on November 13 shook the entire world, and brought the ISIS into focus.

Since then, the response of the world has been more or less predictable. There have been three main responses to the attacks:

  1. STRIKE HARDER: US and France have resolved to strike at ISIS harder, by increasing air raids at ISIS strongholds in Iraq and Syria. Russia is already bombing the rebels against the Assad regime. France has declared a state of emergency and is ‘at war’ too.
  2. STOP REFUGEES: There have been umpteen demands to stop any more refugees from coming into Europe, since ISIS has warned that they would send terrorists along with harmless refugees. This puts at risk more than a million refugees who have escaped from horrifying conditions in Syria and other countries. The US has already voted to reduce the flow of refugees.
  3. HATRED AND BLAME GAME: All over the internet, there has been an outpouring of blame-games and hatred, further deepening the divide between Muslims and non-Muslims. Go to the comments section in any website, and you’ll find the hatred spewing in all directions.

But nobody knows if these three strategies are going to work, even to some extent.

Can you say with conviction that further bombing will result in lesser terror attacks? Or that spreading hatred and playing the blame game will reduce terrorism?

Sadly, the answer in both the cases is a big NO.

So how then does one stop the menace of ISIS? A menace that threatens to eat up the entire humanity in its wave?

The answer is a multi-pronged approach. But this is how to defeat ISIS.


While it’s true that the ISIS has its foothold in Syria, not many know that the country has been grappling with gigantic problems since 2011. The country is being bombed by USA, Russia, the Assad regime, and rebels who are funded by the US.

Unless the Syrian problem is resolved by world powers unequivocally, there cannot be an end to the problem. The reason ISIS got popular is that it milked the problems of the locals and showed them a solution (albeit by force). For any true solution, the tangled mess that is Syria today needs to be resolved first. Here’s a video explaining the mess in Syria today.


In investigative journalism, ‘Track the money’ is the most common way to go ahead in finding the root cause of any scandal. ISIS is not a rogue organization that is a mere collection of a few psychos. It is a well funded organization that gets its resources from – illegal oil drilling and selling, illegal selling of antiques in the black market, and from banks they looted in Iraq and Syria over the last year. It is reported that ISIS makes $50 million dollars a month from illegal exporting of crude oil. Moreover, Russian President Vladimir Putin recently revealed a list of 40 countries that either directly or indirectly funded the Islamic State in its activities.

Shutting off the taps of funding to ISIS will be a key way to defeat the ISIS, as their funds are already dipping, thanks to people fleeing the regime, which automatically means lesser taxes.


The USA tried this technique in Afghanistan, and then in Iraq, but it ended disastrously on both occasions. By now, it is amply clear that air raids and bombarding have very little effect, apart from the huge loss of civilian lives and property.

As the West continues to bombard the Mid-west, there will be more and more people losing their lives, family, homes, and livelihood. This makes them ready supporters of any militant regime that promises them revenge. Mindless bombing creates more enemies than friends, and from the lessons learnt in Iraq and Afghanistan, has no tangible benefit.


As it is very clear, mosques are not the primary place for hatred and brainwashing. Most of it is happening over the Internet. On last count, ISIS was supposed to have over 50,000 Twitter accounts, apart from presence in other social media websites.

Countries will have to get stringent about policing the Internet, even if that means sacrificing our net-liberty for the near future. Recently, it was revealed that ISIS has a 24 hours Jihadi helpline, this just goes to prove how they have effectively learnt to use the internet to their benefit.

We need to beat them at their own game. While Anonymous has threatened to take on the ISIS, there’s only so much they can do, since they don’t operate within the parameters of law. It is up to countries to monitor their internet content and keep a track on problematic sites and forums.


This is most important, and this is where you and I can contribute.

The ISIS wants the world to boil. It wants to create an environment of hatred, anger and mistrust. It wants to create a divide between Muslims and non-Muslims, as it needs people who are alienated.

The more we quarrel among ourselves on religious grounds, the better it is for ISIS.

It is up to us to stand up and show ISIS that we will not fall into their trap. That we may be divided by religions, but it is our similarities as human beings that keeps us together.

If you meet someone from the other religion, be nice to them. In times of crisis, human beings need to stand up and take the initiative.

After all, good has always won over evil.

Hasn’t it?

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