How to interrupt a boring class…in style!

Best pranks in classrooms

Here in India, professors don’t take too kindly to being interrupted in class.

If you are the funny guy in class, you will either be asked to leave the class, or humiliated in public, or your parents will be called the next day to the Principal’s office.

However, in other parts of the class, teachers seem to be more chilled out about things. Students generally pull pranks on their teachers, who take it in their stride. After all, what’s the point of getting into a skirmish with someone 20 years your junior?

Here are the greatest class interruptions we found on YouTube. Warning: Don’t try this at home, school, college, graveyard – anywhere!

1. Superman in Class
Superman is undoubtedly the biggest comic superhero. How can you restrict him to a boring class? He is the Man of Steel, after all. He will find a way to leave your class; can’t do anything about it.


2. Batman
If Superman is doing cool stuff in class, how can Batman stay behind? Here, he plans a grand encounter right in class, complete with Joker and a sidekick. They run around the class, and take the fight outside like gentlemen superheroes. Why? Cos He’s Batman!

3. Zorro
The Zorro movies were pretty childish when they came out, and somehow the character couldn’t create a lasting impact on the minds of viewers. However, Zorro makes his greatest comeback, this time in a University lecture.

Not only does he save the day by killing the thief, he also wins the heart of a lissome lass by stamping his signature ‘Z’ in the end.

4. Wedding in class
For long, our teachers told us that if we didn’t pay attention in class, we would end up as nobodys in life – without a job, a marriage, and kids. But what if we proved them wrong? What if there was a wedding right in class to prove the lecturer wrong?

Watch this video!

They are funny videos and all, but please don’t try them in your class.

Or wait, actually, try them, take a video, and send it to us! 😀

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