How to make hot and tasty Tomato soup?


Tomato tho chesina kuralu, pappulu tini bore kotindha? sudden season change valla throat pain osthunda? Tomato soup is the cure, so here is the very tasty, easy-breezy and healthy recipe of tomato soup.tomato soupIngredients needed for Tomato soup :tomato soup Tomatoes, coarsely chopped
Small Onion chopped
salt and pepper for taste
One-spoon of vegetable oil
Chicken stock or Vegetable stock
Thyme and Coriander leaves to garnish
Bread crumps tomato soupProcess of making :tomato soupTomatoes and onions ni oil lo soft ayentha varaku, 8 mins vepandi, add the remaining ingredients to the tomato and onion mixture, adi boil avanivandi, and gently mix it for 25 mins , cloves ni tisesi, soup ni oka blender lo esi , let it blend properly, then add salt and pepper for taste. Coriander, thyme leaves tho garnish cheyandi. Crispy bread crumps tho tinandi. The yummy and tasty tomato soup readytomato soup