How to make Palak Paneer in short duration?


Palak Paneer is something we know we love to eat. Idi chapathi ki or dosa ki or some special rice ki tinochu. Kani deeni preparation ante manaki tension authadi that it might take a lot of time ani. But here is an easier way that some people might already be aware of. To those who do not know it, try following these steps to make yummy and easy Palak Paneer.

Follow these 5 steps to make this yummy dish last minute lo.

1. In a pan put 1 tbsp of oil and add chopped green chilies and diced onion. Once they are half done, add thoroughly chopped washed Palak leaves and coriander.1 How to Palak Paneer very easy

2. Once the onion is cooked properly, remove off heat and let it cool. Once cooled down, make a puree of the chilies, palak, onion and a few cashews or badam.3 How to Palak Paneer very easy

3. In the same pan, add 1 tbsp butter. Let some jeera, cinnamon fry off and then add some yogurt, coriander powder, turmeric, salt and the puree. Mix well.

4. Dice fresh paneer and put it in the curry.4 How to Palak Paneer very easy

5. Mix well and finish off with Kasuri methi and some fresh cream.4 How to Palak Paneer very easy

Share with us the pictures of your Palak Paneer.5 How to Palak Paneer very easy