Watch: How To Make Restaurant Style Gobi Fried Rice At Home!


We love our home-made traditional and simple Indian food. It is super comforting to eat meals made with minimal ingredients and masalas. Today, we try to infuse different cultures into our food. Fusion food has become a thing now. And, while we are not complaining, it is always nice to stick to simple meals rather than an elaborate and unhealthy lifestyle.
So, if you love your home-made food but like to experiment without feeling guilty about it, then you must try this Gobi Fried Rice. It is for sure made with minimal ingredients and masalas but also feels like a restaurant-quality dish.

కాలీఫ్లవర్ ఫ్రైడ్ రైస్ | Gobi Fried Rice | Cauliflower Fried Rice

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Posted by Wirally Food on Friday, June 12, 2020


  • Cauliflower
  • Boiled Rice
  • Red Chillie Powder
  • Onions
  • Green Chillies
  • Rice Flour
  • Water
  • Oil
  • Tomato Sauce
  • Soya Sauce
  • Ginger-Garlic Paste
  • Red Chilly Powder
  • Salt
  • Garam Masala
  • Black Pepper Powder


To marinate the cauliflower, take 1 cup of cauliflower, 2 tsp of red chilli powder, 1 tbsp ginger-garlic paste, 3 tsp rice flour, salt and mix it well. Add a few drops of water to make the flour and masalas stick to the gobi.


1.Take a pan and add ½ cup of oil. Once the oil is heated up, add the gobi and deep fry them till they turn golden-brown. Keep them aside when done.

2.Now, take a pan and add 3 tsp oil, 2 cut green chillies, ½ cup onions and fry them. To this, add 1 tsp tomato sauce, 2 tsp red chilli powder, salt to taste, 1 tsp garam masala powder, 1 tsp soya sauce and mix it well.

3.Then, add 1 cup boiled rice to it and mix it well with the sauces and masalas. Add 2 tsp Black Pepper powder to it and mix it with the rice.

4.Finally, add the fried cauliflower and give it a nice stir.

5.Your Gobi Fried rice is now ready to be served. Garnish with coriander leaves and serve it with raita.