10 Thriller Movies That Impressed The Audience With Their Intriguing Story And Screenplay


Well, is your mind in a mood to watch some movies with a fast-paced plot, intriguing screenplay, and some mystery? So, this article is definitely for you. Instead of searching for some Hollywood thriller films, watch these Telugu movies, which had a nail biting concept and made audience stick to their chairs from beginning to end. Check out this article:

1. Kshanam1-Kshanam
2. Nenokadine2-Nenokkadine
3. Anasuya3-Anasuya
4. Anveshana4-Anveshana
5. Anukokunda Oka Roju5.-Anukokunda-Oka-Roju
6. Karthikeya6.-Karthikeya
7. A Film By Aravind7-A-Film-By-Aravind
8. Nenu Meku Telusa8-Nenu-Meeku-Telusa
9. Mantra9.-Mantra
10. Dhrushyam10.-Dhrushyam