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Hussain Sha Kiran : A Committed Film Maker From The Digital Screen To Silver Screen


Following your dreams and working towards materializing them is one kind of high altogether. Staying committed and working rigorously towards your goal is a definite requirement especially in the field of art. You have to carve the path you want to travel and do the needed homework right from the time you feel this field is your cup of tea. And it is not that easy to get your name on the silver screen, while equally on the other side it is not an impossible task. Believe in yourself, work smart and constantly towards your goals and there will be nothing stopping you.

Yeah, this might have been alot philosophy at the start, but before I tell you about Hussain Sha Kiran, atleast a little philosophy on how one should aim high to soar high must be told. For many who don’t know, Sukumar’s latest Nannaku Prematho was a story given by this future film maker. Starting his movie making career with short films way back in 2010, Hussain was well noticed in the short film circuit with some of the best short films back then when the city just broke into the digital medium of making short films.

His short film from the beginning had clever plots placed with witty and interesting conversations. The catch in every short film where he stood apart from the rest are those interesting conversations that keeps us guessing where the story is advancing.

A group of yougsters got together with Hussain as the lead and formed Nakama Planet Green Studios. Working in the corporate made him associate with many other creative heads and thus he kick started his film making career. Why So Serious? was his first short film and kept growing with every short movie he came out later. His movie Shadow is one personal recommendation you shouldn’t miss.

Later he directed Lovaholic, a light hearted comedy one which also had some interesting conversations. But, it was with Ontiganta, Hussain’s narrative skills reached new heights. Sukumar who saw his short films, noticed him and called him to work for him. It was at that time when Hussain narrated the story of Nannaku Prematho to Sukumar and fast forward now to 2016, he is finally debuting on the silver screen with his maiden movie Meeku Mere Maaku Meme, a rom-com which terms itself as a simple love story between two complicated people.

Rather than a love story, he terms this as a story after love. We always listen to stories on how a guy and girl fall in love and win their love, but have we ever even given a thought about what’s the story after they fall in love. How do they understand each other and get along with varied personalities. If you are patient enough to watch, Hussain is definite that he is going to tell us an interesting story.

After watching his short films, I guess we can bank on this young talent with whom Allu Arvind himself was impressed after listening to his story. The movie is produced by Nakama Planet Green Studios. The movie features most of the YouTube stars and new comers and looks quite promising and fresh. It is releasing this 17th June and let’s give a push by encouraging these new age film makers who are very much needed for the Telugu Film Industry.

Good luck, Hussain and the team of Nakama Planet Green Studios!!

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