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Hyderabad Is About To Start 24/7 Air Ambulance(Chopper) Service For Medical Emergencies


Hyderabad city name vinaganey biryani ela strike avthado city roads mida traffic jam kuda alane strike avthadi. Ee traffic jams ni face cheyyaleka public offices ki oka one-hour mundey start iyye la plan cheskuntaru. Ika aa traffic lo emergency ga patient unna ambulance undi antey anthey sangathulu andulo unna patient hospital reach iyye sariki ae time avthado oka vela reach ina patient condiiton ela untado. Ippudu ippudey metro lanti alternates vasthunna kuda inka ee traffic problems resolve avvadam ledu.

Ila traffic reasons life and death fate ni decide cheyyadam correct kadu ankunnaro emo mana Wings Aviation Pvt Ltd Chairman Prabhakar Reddy garu government tho link up iyyi, city lo 24/7 helicopter ambulance services ni start chesthunnaru.

Have a look at India’s first Air-Aid project details.

1. It is the first of its kind in India.

It will serve the two Telugu States as first priority and neighbouring States such as Maharashtra, Chattisgarh and Karnataka in coming days.

2. Operational Services and how to use this air-aid services.

Ee chopper services Begumpet lo unna airport nundi start avthayi. Initial ga company(Wings Aviation) vallu per hour ki 1.50 lakh basic charges ga announce chesaru. Ee Air-Aid ni use cheyyalante customers can be reached easily on the toll-free number 18007582080.

3. Chopper efficiency and kind of services it provides.

Ee project lo each helicopter is built with necessary medical equipment including a ventilator, aviation oxygen, defibrillator, multi-parameter monitor, emergency resuscitation kit, burns kit and medicine kit. Ee chopper medial emergencies like accidents, cardiac and trauma, Ortho patients, burns, and organ transplantations lanti vatiki needful ga 24/7 use avthundi ani chepparu. Air Aid’s services can be used during rescue operations, evacuations, fires or natural calamities also.

4. Medical Care Experts, Professionally trained pilots, and call centre for emergency services.

Wings Aviation announced each helicopter are facilitated with the medical care team and trained 1500+ professional commercial pilots can be useful for this project. 24/7 customer care services will be always available for all from Begumpet call centre.

5. Collaboration with government and private bodies.

In initial stage wings, aviation is associated with Apollo hospitals and also trying to collaborate with the government to avail of subsidies on rates.

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