Watch This Proud Video Why Hyderabad is the Best Place to Live

Hyderabad, is a city of pearls as we call it now. But, soon it is geared up for many more epithets coming its way. The city has been constantly picking up pace in its expansion and telling the world that it aspires to be a global city soon. With the current Govt. already working with great commitment and displaying great strength in their vision and goals, the investors have been obliged with the warmth in regards to setting up themselves here.

After a dull patch close to 5 years where Hyderabad was lost in balancing the sentiments of its people, is now geared up and has nothing to look back. With a perfect harmony between traditional and modern cultures, the 5th largest metro of this country has already started to execute many of the projects it agreed so far. Not sure how many of us know the progress of our city, but the TS Govt. has ensured that we get to know what is happening in our city and to our city. For all those asking what the Govt. is doing after coming to power, apart from Prajala Vadha Paalana, Mana Vooru – Mana Pranalika and other rural schemes, here is the answer.

Watch this video and feel the pride!

written by KSS

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