Hyderabad is the second safest metro in the country, NCRB report says


After titled as the best place to live, Hyderabad has now become the safest metropolitan center as per the data released by National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB). First time, e bureau mana country loni crime rates data ni 19 metro cities lo collect chesindi. Dentlo Hyderabad ranked 18th with 236.1 registered crimes for every one lakh of population in 2016.metroBut Delhi recorded the least safest with 1,263.9 crimes and annetikante first place lo Kolkata undi with 176.9 crimes for every lakh of population.2 - Delhi

E date prakaram, Hyderabad 3.3% total crimes record chestey, Delhi recorded 38.8%. Inka this bureau also revealed that mana Hyderabad lo crime rate 2014 nundi chala taggipoyindi ani. In 2014, the police recorded 21,893 crimes, whereas it declined to 18,957 in 2015, and 2016 lo inka taggi, count 18,295 degara agindi.3 - Hyderabad Crimes Rate

But crimes against women matram chala ekuvaga unayi ani e report release chesindi. Hyderabad recorded 2,419 crimes against women and dentlo 1,311 complete dowries, husband cruelty ki sambandinchinavi. After Delhi (3,645 cases), Hyderabad stood in the second position with these highest number of crimes among all 19 metropolitan cities.4 - Women

But they also reported that after SHE team, there is a slight decline in the cases, as 15,374 cases of crime reported against women in 2016 across Telangana, and the count is 15,425 in 2015.5 - She Team

We hope, the SHE team will soon decrease the number of these cases that related to crimes against women and will make Hyderabad more safest for women especially.6 - She Team