Hyderabad police fulfills dream of a 7-year old boy fighting cancer


Make a wish foundation strives to make a kid in town happy about his ambition.commissionerDefinitely not the first of its kind, we have seen this happen before too. In movies or in real life, there are things that strike us in our hearts very much that we would love to do something about it. of everything else, kids are the ones that take a piece of heart from everyone. Ekkada oka chinna kid ni chusina we tend to be really nice to them. And if they are in trouble, we would sock up and do anything to make that kid happy.commissioner

The same way, Rachakonda police station and make-a-wish foundation have together helped a 6-year-old kid fulfill his dream that might not see its future. Dudekala Ishan is a class II student who has been fighting blood cancer. He was asked his ambition in life and when he said that wanted to become a police commissioner, Police Commissioner. Mahesh Muralidhar Bhagwat stood up from his seat to make this tiny kid a commissioner for the day, winning hearts of many.commissionerWe salute to the Commissioner who made this entire thing possible. We, at Wirally, pray and hope to see this kid a real commissioner and battle his cancer like a fighter he already is.commissioner