Hyderabadis Raised Funds & Gifted A Bike To Delivery Guy Who Rode 9 Km On Bicycle To Deliver Food

A Bicycle – 9KM – 20 Min

This is the story of a 21-year-old Mohd Aqeel Ahmed, a third-year Engineering student, who has been working with Zomato for over a year now…

1.Bike gift to zomato delivery boyOn June 14, around 10.30 pm, Robin Mukesh, a resident of Hyderabad’s King Koti, placed an order on Zomato. Mohd Aqeel Ahmed, Zomato’s delivery executive, was allotted to deliver the order. In around 20 minutes, the food was delivered to Mukesh. While collecting his order, Mukesh was surprised to discover that Ahmed did not have a bike and made the delivery on bicycle. He realised Ahmed had actually covered a distance of around 9 km in 20 minutes.

Inspired by Aqeel’s story, Mukesh clicked a picture of him and posted it on his Facebook, while appreciating his effort.

A Simple Act Of Kindness Is The Biggest Revolution

Responding to the post, a lot of people not only appreciated it but also suggested that something could be done to help Aqeel. Seeing the positive response to the appreciation post, Mukesh decided to start a fundraiser hoping to raise funds to buy Aqeel a bike. With support from other members, the fundraiser was started on June 15. Within 10 hours of starting the campaign, Mukesh was astounded to realise that they had successfully managed to raise Rs 60,000. By the time Mukesh decided to stop the campaign, he had already managed to raise Rs 73,370 — an amount more than the initial target.

Mukesh said, “As promised, we handed over the keys of TVS XL to Aqeel along with Helmet, Raincoat, Masks Packet and Sanitizer. We now hope he will be able to perform his duties more efficiently and support himself and his family and wish him all the very best.”

Sometimes we under-appreciate the efforts of delivery executives who toil all day long to deliver us food. But this example from Hyderabad should set a precedent of how the delivery workers should be treated.

Bike gift to zomato delivery boy

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