Hydreabadi Hero : Meet Azhar Maqsusi, The Man Who Provides Free Food And Medicine To The Underpriviledged


Not everyday you come across some genuine real life heroes. And when you come across, you cannot resist yourself from embracing their beautiful heart in caring for the society around you without expecting anything from anyone.

Azhar Maqsusi is a businessman in the old city of Hyderabad and he provides free food everyday to the homeless and needy around his locality. This programme was launched by Mr Maqsusi around three years ago when he saw a physically handicapped woman, Ms Lakshmi, begging near the railway station. Since then he has been feeding the poor without fail, every single day. “My father died when I was very young and my mother raised all of us with great difficulty. I know what it is to sleep hungry.

The next day (after seeing Ms Lakshmi), my wife cooked food for around 15 people and I distributed it near the flyover,” said Mr Maqsusi, who has a plaster of Paris interior design business.

Sighting the requirements in the society, he has also opened a free clinic for the needy which will provide check-ups and free medicine post the check ups. A true hero indeed!!