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I Am Bachchan : A Cute Entertaining Independent Telugu Film That Will Easily Pass Your Time


We have many Telugu short films that are being uploaded on YouTube every week. While an average Telugu short film is around 20-25 mins, there have been a few independent movies that lie somewhere between short films and feature films which are also being made simultaneously. The efforts that go into making these movies is nothing less than feature film. Infact these independent movies are in a way far better in providing you the needed entertainment within an hour over the subject less feature films.

I am Bachchan is one such film that falls in this category providing us with the needed entertainment. I am not saying that it would throw open new ways of film making and stuff, but if you are relaxing in your room after an evening office or college with some tea and you have one hour to spare, this will definitely suffice your leisure time with some quality entertainment. I am sure we all are quite familiar with Yuva Chandra, who starred in The End. With movie making being his sole passionate work, he has written, directed and acted as well in this movie. Let’s not talk of any further detailing into the film making, for it has everything that a feature film would possess and has been made very smartly.

I am Bachchan is a story about Sreekanth, a high-spirited and jovial guy who loves a girl called Nithya. Thigs go well between them and one fine day Nithya puts a condition saying that he should convince her father if he is serious about marriage or else she would be leaving to US soon. Sreekanth feels very happy and on an unlucky day he sets off to meet her dad. Everything seems smooth, but his fate has some other plans which takes his life into a series of unexpected events and the rest of the story is whether or not he meets his love of life that day on-time.

The movie also stars Vani Reddy, Sree Harsha, Kalyan Manda and others with the music by Kshanam fame Sidharth Sadasivuni. Good job guys!!

Here it is!

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