If You Think You Know Hyderabad Well, Take This Quiz!!


Hyderabad has been a dear city to many of us. Though we roam all over the city and know every corner of it, sometimes we tend overlook few details. Here we tried to bring few of those lesser noticed points in this small quiz.

Give it a try and lets see if you know it!!


Naaaaaaice!! You know some good details

Oooops! Koi baat nai.. 😉

#1 Where is Rastrapathi Nilayam Located?

#2 Ramoji Film City has been certified as..

#3 Which of the below Temple is not located in Hyderabad?

#4 The famous James Street in Secunderabad is now renamed as..

#5 What is not present in Birla Mandir?

#6 When the Buddha statue was being erupted initially, it fell down in the lake. How much time it took them to restore it back?

#7 What is the meaning of Hyderabad?

#8 What is the full form of HITEC City?