‘I Know In And Out Of Bahubali.’ Great! Then Prove It with #QuizOnWirally


We boast of the biggest motion picture of Indian cinema. It would have joined the many people’s movie list for various reasons. It has been in news for nearly half of last year. Many of us know have learnt about the facts involved in this historic epic. Just to give a test to the knowledge you have on the biggest motion picture, we have come out with this quiz.

Give it a shot and see how much of Bahubali you really know.


Wooahh!! You know more than what Bahubali knows about himself!!

Psssttt!! Better luck next time!!

#1 In whose documentary named ‘100 Years of Indian cinema’ did Bahubali feature

#2 Who is the Editor for Bahubali’s International Version

#3 How many VFX studios worked on this film?

#4 In how many days did Bahubali cross the 100 Cr mark worldwide?

#5 Bahubali Made it to the Guinness World Record for..

#6 The special language of ‘kilikili’ was written by..

#7 A National Award winner worked as the Visual Effects Supervisor for Bahubali. Who is he?

#8 What’s common between Bahubali and Jurassic world

#9 What is Shivudu’s Original name in the Movie according to Kattappa?





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