I love my ammamma and thaatha..!


Family lo cousins, brothers and chaala mandi untaru. Vaallatho baaga tirugutam. But we love our grandparents the most. Edi emaina mana amama and thaata kante manaki edi ekva kadu!!

Let us look at why we love and what is so special about our grandparents.

1. Their house or village is our summer and holiday resort.amama Thaata

2. We love going for morning walks with themamama Thaata

3. We love listening to their childhood stories and our parents’ stories.amama Thaata

4. They cook our favourite dishes.amama Thaata

5. They buy us whatever we want. Things that our parents do not buy us too.amama Thaata

6. Some of us got our first cycle gifted by them.amama Thaata

7. We love visiting them at festivals. Special occasions special people tho celebrate cheyyadam lo kick eh vere appa.amama Thaata

8. Their charm is the best! Old is gold ani oorike anaru kada!amama Thaata

9. They are the kings and queens of our family.amama Thaata

10. We do not want groups pictures without them. Family antha vaala tho start ainapudu vaallu lekunde photo ela boss?amama Thaata

11. They buy us lots of icecreams and chocolates too :amama Thaata