8 DIY Ideas To Make Cute Phone Cases On Your Own


It is quite common that girls are obsessive about cute phone cases. But it is difficult and expensive to use different phone cases in every week. So, here we are presenting some interesting ideas to make your own phone cases on budget. Check it out:

1. Try to use a clear cases​ and make it look like ladybirds are crawling up your phone with paint.Cell Phone 1
2. Show your talent by creating a white marble using a gel pen.Cell Phone 2
3. Paint splatters are easy to do, and this one looks amazing.Cell Phone 3
4. Try to use puffy paint to make this abstract pattern textured case.Cell Phone 4
5. Use glue to stick some studs on a clear case and to get some different backgrounds, use scrapbook paper.Cell Phone 5
6. Use stickers and secure them with clear varnish spray.Cell Phone 6
7. Take a print out of your favorite design and slip it in a clear case.Cell Phone 7
8. Use fabric colors and make your case interesting with dried flowersCell Phone 8