If Captain America Had A Telugu Casting, This Is How We Would Want It To Be


Captain America Civil War is the next comic fiction after Jungle book and Batman vs Superman that the world is looking forward to. While Hollywood cinema is watched by all regions, we even have them dubbed to our regional language. The recent news of Bollywood actor, Varun Dhawan lending his voice for Captain America in the upcoming movie Civil War is a welcoming trend.

In the past Megastar Chiranjeevi too lent his voice for the animated movie, Hanuman. We very well know the dynamics of making cinema in Hollywood and Telugu cinema are completely different. Though it is far from possible, if only we had a chance to cast mana Telugu stars in Civil War, this is how it would be….

Captain America – Mahesh Babu

Captain America - Mahesh BabuOne reason. The Just and righteous Capt’n can only be played by someone so upright and giving, as Mahesh In Srimanthudu.

Iron Man – Prabhas

2Iron Man - PrabhasThe arrogant strength, the Casanova nature and true techie geek..No one else but Prabhas to pull off the attitude of Tony Stark, with his endless charm

Black Panther – Nikhil Siddharth

Black Panther - Nikhil SidharthThe guy has style and swag. Black Panther is the prince of wakanda and one of highly un-matchable energy levels. Nikhil fits the bill perfectly.

Scarlet Witch – Punarnavi Bhupalam

Scarlet Witch - Punarnavi BhupalamWhy? Let us explain. There is certain subtle strength that both the character and the actor has to present, and Punarnavi has that perfect balance. And both have a soothing voice which no one else can beat

Black Widow – Samantha

Black Widow - SamanthaFiery, Hot and Highly athletic. Black Widow can kick some serious ass, and we are pretty damn sure that Samantha given the proper motivation, can do some serious damage as well.

Hawk Eye – Nani

Hawk Eye - NaniSilent, focused and highly adorable. Who else are we looking at than, Nani. A dismissively ultra swag and an Uber cool humor, Nani is our perfect choice.

Falcon – Vijay Deverakonda

Falcon - Vijay DeverakondaFalcon is someone who exudes brilliance in his thought process yet portraying a certain sense of loyalty towards his friends and relationships. Vijay has been there and done that in his debut venture. Hence, him.

Antman – Navdeep

Antman - NavdeepChanging statures at will, flexibility with team work, someone who is always willing to take up new roles and push the envelope, Navdeep is someone who can perfectly see through AntMan

Iron Patriot – Rana

Iron Patriot - RanaIf Iron man Is Prabhas, this wouldn’t come as a surprise to many. His panache for helping out his friends and getting to business from the word go, make him our first choice for this role.

Vision – Sudheer Babu

Vision - Sudheer BabuSilent, Subtle, Strong and Wise, Not many can boast of what Vision can do. Sudheer has made his mark with being intelligent in his choice of films and his super flexi moves. Vision it is then.

Bucky – Sharwanand

Bucky - SharwanandSharwanand is the most perfect actor to pull off the tortured and confused call of Bucky Barnes who has just returned from death and has some unleft business to deal with.

And yes, here is what we have been waiting for.

Spiderman – Pawan Kalyan

PAWANHello there…!! Pawan Kalyan is the main player here…And you know stuff’s going crazy when Power Star comes to the screen and owns every superhero out there. Game Over.

Excited Much?

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