If Engineering Students Gave Their Punch Lines In ‘Mana’ Cinema Style


By Charan Tupurani

The exams are around the corner and all the students across the two states and nations are in their toughest phase of the year – it’s the preparations for exams. The sudden need of night outs, friends gathering at one place to share notes and concepts that leads to partying or sleeping and the whole chaos around it. When you pick engineering, the fun is explored even more and ultimately lead to great memories.

Taking different situations in the engineering exams phase and blending them with Telugu cinema resulted in these punch lines. Have a look! We are sure you will relate to either of them.

vAyna okka night out chesi exam pass aypothe,Evado engineering chesthe life setRey manamanthaChadavandi Chadavandi ante vinaleduAre nijamgane manaki sigguleda 35 marklu saripova 75Nuvvu pass avvalante chaala booksExam ante manam pass avvdameSir slippulu pettadam chetakaanode