If MSD starred in RGV’s movies


The abbreviations of the names are so much in sync. And vaalla natures and all judge cheyyadam is not our forte so this is just to have a moment for today will be MSD’s last match as a captain in international cricket.

So this is a funny-yet- a-fan- take on ‘if MSD starred in RGV’s movies’.

1. Ram Gopal Varma ki Aag – MSD ki Climax1msd

2. Killing Veerappan – Killing RecordsRgv_Msd

3. Ice Cream – You will ScreamRgv_Msd

4. 365 Days – Everyday!Rgv_Msd

5. Darna Mana Hain – Boundary Marna Zaroori HainRgv_Msd

6. Anaganaga oka roju – Anaganaga oka manchi captainRgv_Msd

7. Antham – The ClimaxRgv_Msd

8. Prema Katha – Gloves KathaRgv_Msd