If not for these dubbing artists working backhand, the movie wouldn’t be the same that we saw!


Rajamouli’s latest magnum opus, Baahubali is the talk of the world for its amazing plot, VFX, actors and music. There is a lot more that contributes to this success story and to the huge collection figures that we saw! One such contribution is the effort made by the dubbing team.

They have got perfection in Hindi language and that makes the movie stand out.

1. Sharad Kekar – Prabhas1.-Sharad-Kekar-–-Prabhas
2. Manoj Pandey – Rana2-Manoj-Pandey-–-Rana
3. Samay Thakkar – Katappa3. Samay Thakkar – Katappa
4. Dipak Sina – Nasser4.-Dipak-Sina-–-Nasser
5. Neeti Mathur – Anushka5.-Neeti-Mathur-–-Anushka
6. Mausam – Ramya Krishna6.-Mausam-–-Ramya-Krishna
7. Manisha – Rohini7.-Manisha-–-Rohini

If you want to know who dubbed for Tamannah, it is herself!!!