If Tollywood celebrities work in the same office, then vaalla work culture Ila untadi

1. The office has been established to give quota for those people whose fathers and grandfathers have worked in it.tollwood office

2. New comers ki trial basis meeda job confirmations istharu.tollwood office

3. Mahesh Babu is awarded the Mr.Perfect and he is the one every other female colleague drools for.tollwood office

4. Nagarjuna and Venkatesh are the most trusted employees.tollwood office

5. Chiranjeevi has been considered for his last performance because he has shifted from the present company and started his own venture and then came back to the same old company.tollwood office

6. Balakrishna is that senior employee you cannot raise your voice in front of.tollwood office

7. Samantha is that girl who keeps working and talking and talking and talking.tollwood office

8. Naga chaitanya and Samantha are the loveliest couple in the office.tollwood office

9. Puri Jagannath and Teja two of those powerful HR guys who decides who comes in.tollwood office

10. Rajamouli is the lead project manager who can give any employee the biggest promotions with his projects.tollwood office

11. Rajinikanth is the guy who never retires and is never allowed to retire.tollwood office

12. Vijay Devarakonda is the new guy who everyone should lookout for.tollwood office

13. Nani is the guy who can do anything for he got into because he proved his calibre.tollwood office

14. Ali is the guy who is sent to conferences since he can do anything including changing his getup to win the audience.tollwood office

15. NTR is the ferocious guy who never gets into fights but is always injured and always wins.tollwood office

16. Allu Arjun is looked out when some event happens. You should have someone to dance, boss!tollwood office

17. Sharwanand has a poor attendance but has amazing remarks.tollwood office

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