If YOU claim to be ‘Hyderabadi’, You HAVE To Watch This Hilarious Song


Being Hyderabadi – A feel of royalty, a nawabi pride, that ustadi attitude. All these simply blend into one word when we call ourselves a ‘Hyderabadi’. Great!! But, Have we noticed those strengths that become our weaknesses when it comes to behaving in our society? When asked to be nothing more than a ‘citizen’, that same nawabi feel is actually a double-edge sword you throw at yourself ? It needn’t be magnified, a small alter in the attitude would be of great fortune, pride and completeness in calling us a ‘Hyderabadi’

Check this beautiful apna hydrawadi gaana by Sriram Mudambi’s SachhBharat asking us nothing more than to just be united as decent citizens to love our city better. It’s not you alone nor its me alone, hum sab milke hyderabad ko badlenge!

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