If You Have A Boyfriend With These Characteristics, Marry Him


Everyone wants to fall in love, at least once in their lifetime. But, surprisingly, a very low percentage of today’s generation feels confident about marriages. Ironical, but true. Relation lo unappudu okari paina okariki hopes untay! Kontha mandhiki commitments kuda untay! Kani kontha mandhi girls ki antha bane unna kuda “E abbay naku correct eh na?” ani chinna doubt ekkado undipothundhi. Read this article to clear those doubts. Mee boyfriend ki e following qualities unte meeku elanti doubts lekunda ventane pelliki okay cheppeyocchu.

  1. He is a Good listener:

Boyfriend With These Characteristics

Edhaina issue vacchinappudu, when we are telling something… we expect them to listen to us. Ala vinnappudu valu correct ga manaki thirigi answer ivvagalaru ledha suggest cheyyagalaru. Edho malli thirigi argument cheddhamani vinevallu untaru…ala kakunda problem ni solve cheddhamanukune vallu nijanga lovable.

  1. He supports you and enjoys your success:

Boyfriend With These Characteristics

Meeru edhaina achieve chesinappudu andhari kante athane chala proud ga feel avthadu. Anthe kahu he will never let you down in your journey. No matter what, he will be there for you. Me success lo athani happiness ni vethukune vade asalaina hero!

  1. He makes you a part of his success:

Boyfriend With These Characteristics

Thana success lo me contribution gurinchi kacchithanga mention chesthadu. He will treat you as a special person always! Appudu me life lo athanu entha important o meeke thelusthundhi.

  1. He treats others well:

Boyfriend With These Characteristics

Oka abbayi behaviour thelusukovalannappudu…athanu girls tho ela untadu? Valla boss tho phone lo ela matladthadu? Ivi kadhu girls chuskovalsindhi because salary kosam evaraina obvious ga  boss tho obedient gane matladtharu, ammaylatho endhuku matladtharo special ga cheppanavasaram ledhu. So just observe how he is taking care of his family members, friends and pets…you will come to know!

  1. With him you don’t talk, you communicate:

Boyfriend With These Characteristics

Prathi okkati baitaki express cheyyaleni situations konni untay. Alanti time lo mana problem vallaki cheppadaniki direct ga matladakapoina manam indirect ga communicate chestham. Antha freedom meeku vallatho unte…trust me you will be the best pair!

  1. Despite a Fight, you patch up quickly:

Boyfriend With These Characteristics

Manaki daily okkasaraina mummy tho argument avthundhi….argument kakapoina chinna disagreement aithe pakka avthundhi….tharvatha ah issue manaki evening ke gurthu undadhu. Alane boyfriend tho fight aina kuda ekkuva sepu meeru undaleru, athanu kuda ekkuva sepu matladakunda undaledu. Mummy-daughter relation lane adhi kuda forever untundhi.

  1. He involves you in his decisions:

Boyfriend With These Characteristics

Thana life gurinchi eh decision theeskunna….. me opinion ni kuda adigi thelsukuni consider chesthadu. Intha mutual decision ki priority isthunnapudu inkem kavali?

  1. He loves you unconditionally:

Boyfriend With These Characteristics

Meeru ela unna, meeru entha poor aina mee character and earning capacity ni chusi istapadthadu. Konni years tharvatha me face paina wrinkles ravacchu. Konni rojulu tharvatha mee dhaggara money undakapovacchu kani me character me dhaggare untundhi adhi unantha kalam mimalni love chesthune untaru. Ilanti vallu physical beauty kante happiness ki ekkuva priority istharu.

  1. You trust each other:

Boyfriend With These Characteristics

Relationship ki trust chala important…endhukantara..there will be some times me iddhari madhyaki me friends, family evaraina ravacchu. Entha mandhi vacchina mimalni stubborn ga ninchopettedhi ah trust eh.

If you find these qualities in your boyfriend.. go propose for marriage!! So ammayilu ippati nundi meeku elanti abbay kavali ani adigithe…”Naku Mahesh babu colour, prabhas height, vijay devarakonda body unna vadu kavali” ani anadam manesi just think one minute before you choose your partner. End of the day evarikaina happy ga undatam kavali. You have to stay lifelong with him(his character) not with his beauty! Hope you got some idea by reading this article about how to choose a right person in life. All the boys who are having these qualities…be ready for a marriage proposal from your loved one. Dedicating this article to all my lovely girls out there!!