Improve Your Strength With These Natural Body Hacks..!!

By Ankita Aggarwal 

Our body is meant to be active and fit. A human body is like a machine. A machine needs to be worked regularly otherwise its machine will rust. Similarly, our body needs exercise daily in order to stay healthy. This increases the Strength and helps you in a lot of things. It helps in stronger bones, increased energy, increased immune system and many more. So, now the question is how to increase strength in a natural way. So here are the some tips.

1) Daily Exercise


Get up early in the morning and go to the park or a lobby of your home. It will not only increases your strength but also burn all the body fat and makes you look healthy and beautiful. You could also do the aerobics instead of exercise. They also strengthen heart muscles.

2) Say NO to Supplements

2You have to learn to say no to supplements. It’s the name that suggest what is a supplement. It may give you fast results but surely it will have some side effects. Taking a supplement will never be compared to the workout you have yourself.

3) Maintain your Eating habits

3Eating habits will directly affect you physique. The precise amount of minerals, vitamins, carbohydrates and fats will help you to grow stronger. Skipping meals will not help you to gain strength. Eating a limited food with all the nutrients present in your daily diet will increase more strength. You need to make sure that you don’t eat dinner after 9 pm because it increases the weight.

4. Play an Outdoor Game

4Playing a game like basketball, badminton, football or choose the game you love to play which will help you to increase the stamina in your body. Before playing any  game, warming up is necessary in order to avoid cramps. Plan a particular time for it and all you need is an action over the game.

5. Try to lift Heavy Weights

5Anything that uses your body’s weight to move can help build strong bones and alternate lifting heavy weights with a resistant workout, using gym weights or hand and ankle weights. To maintain strong bones, you need to do short bursts of exercise, which gets progressively harder with changes in direction. But before lifting heavy weights, you need to try on with small weights and then progressively you can try for heavy weights. You can also consult your trainer for further instructions.

6. Push ups.

6Push ups are one form exercise. It uses hand muscles to pull the whole body which directly improves stamina in your body. Set up a routine and count the number of push ups.

Following the above tips, surely help you to increase your strength. Make it your new year;s resolution and work upon it. So, what are you waiting for? Go, buckle up your belt and your shoe laces and get ready to WORKOUT!

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