Incredible Facts about K. S. Chithra Garu You Need to Know on Her Birthday!

K.S. CHITHRA…mana andhariki parichayam akkarleni oka peru. Malayalam, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada prajalandhariki thana patalatho dhaggaraina eh melody queen of Indian cinema ki birthday wishes chepthu eh article ni dedicate chesthunnam!

1. Chitra garu eh song padina…. avida mother tongue lo paduthunnaremo annatlu anipisthundhi… kani She is originally from Kerala.1 - mother tounge
2. Mana industry lo bahusa female singers lo inni languages lo patalu padina varu leremo. She has sung more than 25,000 Songs in a number of Indian languages such as Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Hindi, Bengali, Oriya, Gujarati, Tulu, Urdu, Sanskrit and Badaga as well as foreign languages such as Malay, Latin, Arabic Sinhalese and English.2 - all type of songs
3. Chithra is married to Vijayashankar, an engineer and businessman and settled in Chennai. Kontha mandhiki thelisi undadhu they also had a daughter named Nandana who drowned into a pool in Dubai.3 - marraige
4. Padmashri, Honorary Doctorate, Kalaimamani, Little Nightingale and Kerala Samsthana Vanitha Rathnam. Ila chala titles ni andhukanna koddhi mandhi female singers lo okaru K.S. Chitra garu.4 - awards
5. This extremely addictive song from the movie Bombay, Kannanule song is a part of The Guardian’s 1000 songs you have to hear. E song nitelugu lo vinnapuduvacche ah fresh feeling e verabba!Inka chala mandhiki vereverepatalanteistamaiundacchukaninaku e song ante chalaistam.

6. Chitra gariki vacchina awards gurichi chadhivi thelsukovalante oka roju chaladhemo. As of now, records prakaram She has won 140 awards. Future lo inka enni geluchukuntaro chudali.

6 - unlimited awrds
7. Do you know who sang the highest number of songs for Ilayaraja and A. R Rehman? Well now you do!7 - ilaya raja
8. She is considered to be the first Indian Woman to perform in the British Parliament. She sang for the House of Commons!8 - british

Ila thana Patalatho prapanchanni mottham entertain chesina rarest singers lo chitra garu okaru.

Hope you enjoyed reading this article. Once again wishing a very happy birthday to Chitra garu.

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