India Occupies 1st Place In #MeToo Against World Countries. One Should Feel Pity And Shame

India biggest democratic country with its evergreen ‘Unity and Diversity’ concept, antu ekatvam lo binnatvam, binnatvam lo ekatvam lanti quotes chepukune athi pedda vishala desam manadi. Our country holds 2nd place in agriculture in terms of food production, economically GDP growth lo 6th largest country, biggest military strength unna nations lo 5th place, industries and industrial growth lo 2nd place idi antha coin ki oka side matrame.

#MeToo Against World Countries

Mari other side of coin, according to some statistics overall crime 33% crime rate lo 11% rape cases against women, women trafficking, assault and other cases lo kuda maname first andi. Entha first ante ee roju google trends lo world countries annitini vennaki netti women assaulting lo No. 1 palace lo trend ayye antha. Avnu andi anduku ee kinda google screenshots oka fine example. Ikkada vintha enti ante ekkuva liberty unna Africa, Asia, and western countries ni pakkaku netti mana country trend avadam anedi nijanga siggu padalsina vishayam.

#MeToo Against World Countries

Wah… entha goppa vishayam oo kada let’s celebrate together, oka dikku Navratri peru tho oka goddess ni praise chesthuna time lo ilanti news. Nijanga celebrate cheskovalsina vishayam eh kadu antara??

#MeToo Against World Countries

#MeToo ekkado chinnaga start ayyina ee movement chiliki chiliki mana daggariki vacchindi koopi lagite donka kadlinattu “Movie industry lo prominent name tho start ayyina ee movement ippudu journalist, authors, politicians, singers, ila prati industry lo women assault ki guri avtundi.

5-Berlin#MeToo Against World Countries7-Columbus6-Brazil8-LOndon9-Saudi arabia11-Metoo Germany#MeToo Against World Countries

Women assaulting allegations lo enni true, enni false allegations anna vishyam pakkana pedite idi mana country ki remark. Ekkada aithay women ni goddess ga poujistharo ade country lo women ekuvaga assault, rape, molestation, physical and mental harassment ki guri kavadam anedi nijanga manam antha siggu padalsina vishayam.

#MeToo Against World Countries

“ I’m taking liberty to tell this, ikkada andaru gender allegations chestunnaru but ikkada cheyalsindi individual allegations”. On a humble note we request you to fight for better society but dont blame gender based on things. lets fight culprit free society and where women is really worship as a goddess but not only statue goddess.

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