MB To PV Sindhu: Twitter India Released The Most Popular Twitter Trends in 2019


Ee year lo mana Indians anthe twitter lo ekkuva discus chesina topic …ISRO’s most prestigious project Chandrayaan2. Ee mission fail avvadam tho country mottham ee topic medha chala discussions chesaru. Twitter lo #Chandrayaan2 ane hashtag mana Indians antha ekkuvaga discuss chesina topic.

Idi okkate kadu entertainment, sports, politics lo respective individuals, movie trends varaku prathivi Twitter India oka 2019 roundup twitter trends release chesindi. And indulo mana Tollywood nundi Mahesh Babu and Rakul Preet in most most Tweeted handles in entertainment, malae and female category lo unnaru.

Ivi kakunda migatha Twitter Trends 2019 ento once chuseddam padandiů!

1. Most Tweeted About Male Stars

Twitter Trends 20192. Most Tweeted About Female Stars

Twitter Trends 20193. Top 10 most Tweeted about Hashtags in 2019 in India

Twitter Trends 20194. Most Retweeted Tweet in Entertainment

Twitter Trends 20195. Most Tweeted About Female Political Leaders

Twitter Trends 20196. Most Tweeted About Male Political Leaders

Twitter Trends 20197. Most Tweeted About Male Sports Personalities

Twitter Trends 20198. Most Tweeted About Female Sports Personalities

Twitter Trends 20199. Most Retweeted Tweet in Sports

Twitter Trends 201910. Tweet That United Entire Nation is #Chandrayaan2

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