7 Indian Olympians Who Deserve A Biopic Right Away

Mana andariki cricket ante pichi.mania…. but daniki Olympics lo place ledu. Unte okavela manaki gold medal surely vachestundi. Cricket tarwata manaki unna biggest carnival Olympics. But mana Sports stars Olympics ki velli mana nation ki pride tho paatu medals kooda techaaru. Our Success ni we all celebrated as our success…our India’s success. alanti konni Evergreen Stories ni Movie frames lo capture chesi future generations, they will also know about their journey towards to success.The Inspiring Sports stars definitely who are on biopic category is on below….. have a look…

1. P.V Sindhu

Indian athletes who deserve a biopic

Pusarla Venkata Sindhu, Rio Olympics lo win ayyina Tarwata mana home girl ayepoyindi. Overnight star ayyina sindhu hardwork for Years is known by only few.Adi everyone have to know.Saina Nehwal Tarwata Sky Rocketed Popularity undi Sindhu ki.Tana hardwork ki iche biggest felicitation ee biopic.

2. Dipa karmakar

Indian athletes who deserve a biopic

Alien sport of india, Gymnastics.. andulo First Female Gymnast from country Olympics final ki vellindi, Dipa Karmakar. Sub Standard training facilities tho Sport lo with her Performance manam TV ki glue ayepoyela chesindi. Hair line margin lo medal miss chesukunna mana andari attention grab chesindi. She definitely deservesa biopic for her outrage talent.

3. PT Usha

Indian athletes who deserve a biopic

Pilavullakandi Thekkeparambil Usha aka “Payyoli Express” aka “P.T Usha” one of the greatest athlete to have represented India on the tracks in Olympics.1984 Los Angeles Olympics lo 400mts hurdles lo fourth position lo on track Indian female athlete. She won 101 medals & achievements are unforgettable. Her journey from beginning to turning into “Queen of Indian track & Field” too inspirational.She truly deserves a Bio-pic.

4. Abinav Bindra

Indian athletes who deserve a biopicAbinav Bhagawat tarwata shooting poster unna boy Abinav Bindra. Shooting anagane manaki Quick ga gurthochey name. Olympics lo repeated success rakapoina aa sport ni india lo promote cheyyadam lo key player Abinav. After that shooting lo new talents ni findout chestune unna Abhinav Bindra shall have a biopic in his name.

5. Sushil kumar

Indian athletes who deserve a biopic

Sushil kumar soalnki, Olympics lo two medals techina indian. Poor family background tho coaching facilities lekapoina tana talent base chesukuni two medals ni bag cheskunnaadu. 2008 beijing Olympics lo bronze, 2012 london Olympics lo silver bagged by sushil. By making his biopicwe can atleast honor him there by visualize him on Screen.

6. Sakshi Malik

Indian athletes who deserve a biopic

India lo almost wrestling mida hopes vadulukuntunna time lo rescue cheyyadaniki sudden ga vachindi Sakshi Malik. 2016 Olympics India ki first medal by Sakshi only. Alage first women wrestler won award in Olympics. Coming from Backward Background, achieve cheyyadaniki adhi asalu addu kadaani nirupinchindi.Tana Biopic is surely an award for him.

7. Dyan Chand

Indian athletes who deserve a biopic

Dyan Chand, ee name vinagaane mana ki gurthochey di “Wizard” of Hockey. Olympic hockey lo instrumental player aina Dyan 3 gold medals win ayyaru. 1928,1932,1936 lo he won medals. Sports lo iche Highest award Dyan Chand name midane istaru. Ippatiki kuda national awards in the sports arena are given on his birthday. Still, we have failed to make a film on his life. probably, the best player to hold the hockey stick sever.

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