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9 differences between Indian-Chinese and the authentic Chinese


Food Bandis lo or intlo or Chinese restaurants lo we order food and oooo cheppeskuntam that we are eating Chinese cuisine. Kani fact endi ante indhulo Chinese koncham kuda undadu. Konni simple facts matladkuntey..

1. Chinese dishes lo meat chaala vaadtharu. Mana daggara veg Chinese kuda untadi.

2. Vaallu tofu and andulo chaala rakalu vaadtharu. We hardly find tofu in many places. Edo 1 dish untadi.

3. Sichuan Pepper is a common ingredient vallaki. Adi mana daggara dorkadu.

4. Manaki some form or rice or noodles and sometimes fried undali to eat any Chinese dish. Kani akkada vaallaki ivemi avasaramledu. They have their dishes intact. Noodles soup lo ekva tintaru.

5. Vaallu eh dish tinna kuda, tea pakka untadi pakkana. Mana dictionary lo aa combination eh undadu.

6. The Chinese use ingredients like chow sum, bok choy, watercress, Sichuan pepper, ma po tofu and more in their food. Whereas capsicum, cabbage, carrots, baby corn, black pepper corn, vinegar and soya sauce.

7. Vaallu tinaniki forks, spoons vaadaru. They have their soups also with Chopsticks. Manam ala try chesthe dresses kuda Chinese aipothay!

8. Chinese food is usually very bland compared to ours. Mana food has so many flavours of spicy, hot and saucy.

9. Vaalla food chaala takkuva oily untadi and they mostly use fish oil to cook. Ekkuva boiled items untay. We have various kinds of fried dishes too.