Sew for Good – A motto that has been winning hearts all over India


Indian Peacock, a brand that is going places with their handloom shirts just completed 100 days. We congratulate them for their immense success. With the launch of a new collection and great plans in the pipe-line, the founders of Indian Peacock Saideep Reddy Borra and Rahul Tamada, aim to empower weavers and get the men’s fashion industry to re-think handlooms. When we asked the founders the story behind the brand, the hurdles they have faced and their future plans, this is what they had to say.


“Personally, an ardent fan of handlooms, I used to spend a lot on handloom clothing. The simple, classy ones were always very expensive. Our major goal was to make handlooms more affordable so that these beautiful fabrics become more accessible to men in India. We took a trip down to various cities that have a rich handloom heritage and picked a lot of swatches from all over the country. While we loved a lot of other handlooms too, we chose Ikat as our first stop, not just because the prints are subtle and simple but majorly because the quality of the fabric screamed comfort. Today, I am sure our success mostly lies in the comfort in our shirts. We aim for Indian Peacock to be a go-to brand for all those men who love stylish shirts” says Saideep Reddy Borra [Co-Founder Indian Peacock]


“I think with handlooms; your biggest challenge is the color bleed and shrinkage. We were able to reduce that to a great extent by pre-washing all our fabrics. We did have few issues in the start, but all is well that ends well! Another major issue with handlooms is the time and effort that it takes to weave one fabric and hence, we can’t be a fast fashion brand. But we do have some really good plans for the future. We are currently brain-storming on the next designs and we should be having our new collection up in January to kick start the New Year.” says Surya Rahul Tamada [Co-Founder Indian Peacock]

indianpeacock3The entire team at Wirally too are fans of their shirts and we really can’t wait for January! If you still haven’t checked them out, do visit their website and their social media handles fb/theindianpeacock and insta/theindianpeacock