6 Indians Selected For World Photography Competition

The Sony World Photography Awards 2016 edition, saw six Indian photographers being shortlisted for the coveted honour. The categorical inclusions were one in the professional category, and five in the open competition. The award selections for the Professional category would be based on a series of images, and for the open competition, the onus would be on a single shot.

This years awards season saw a record-breaking number of participants, a total of 2,30,103 vying for the award from 186 countries, from which the said six Indians have been chosen. A statement released by the awards committee also mentioned that there was an astounding 123% increase in the entries that came in from India.

Abhijit Banerjee, Open Travel Category

4Banerjee, based in Kolkata, has been shortlisted for ‘Gangasagar Fair’, a stunning portrait of India’s second largest fair which takes place every year in the month of January. The image captures devotees while they worship the sun just after their bath.

Anasuya Mandal, Open Travel Category

5Mandal grew up in Chandigarh and is currently pursuing her PhD at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She began travel photography three years ago as a hobby and her shortlisted image captures the Bryce Amphitheater in Utah, the United States, glistening in the rays of the sun.

Jaydip Bhattacharya, Open Smile Category

3Bhattacharya is a high school teacher in Kolkata and a photography enthusiast who loves to photograph faces, people, children and festivals. His shortlisted image shows the ‘Joys of learning’ for a brother and sister.

Sanghamitra Sarkar, Open Low Light Category

1Sarkar, a neurosurgeon from Kalyani, West Bengal is a passionate amateur photographer who first picked up a camera in 2011. He is interested in the documentation of different festivals both in India and abroad. The shortlisted image ‘All souls day’ was shot in the village of Puruliya, West Bengal. Nuns light candles, while village children were burning Diwali firecrackers in front of colourfully painted mud houses.

Nikunj Rathod, Open People Category

2Rathod, age 28, is a film director and photographer living in Mumbai who is most interested in capturing life on streets – its raw emotions and civilization. His shortlisted image ‘Bird hunter’ was taken in Mumbai and shows a young the energy of a child aiming for birds in the sky using a sling-shot.

Prakash Singh, Professional Landscape Category

6Singh found photography as a young boy but began a career in the industry in 2012. He currently lives in Dubai which is where his shortlisted series ‘Landscape’ was shot.

Prakash Singh, Professional Landscape Category


Singh featured a second nomination in the same category over this incredible rendition of Giraffe’s seclusion and peaceful existence.

The list of winners will be announced on 21 April at the Sony ceremony in London. The winning photographers would be rewarded a share of a $30,000 prize in cash, and their photos will be showcased at the World Photography Awards exhibition (April–May), while also being featured in the 2016 edition of the Awards book. Let’s hope Indians hail the gold, and wish all of them to come home with the highest honours that the world of photography has to offer.

Courtesy : Sony World Photography Awards 

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