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Shiva : 30 Years Of An Epic Saga, Which Changed The Phase Of TFI

30 years has passed by this phenomenal Indian Indian Telugu-language crime drama film written and directed by Ram Gopal Varma in his directorial debut....

What Made Akkineni Nagarjuna A ‘King’ In Reel Life And Real Life

Akkineni Nagarjuna, legendary Icon ANR varasudiga ‘Vikram’, movie tho Tollywood industry loki entry icchi ee 30+ years of time movie timeline lo flops, hits,...

23 South Indian Actors Who’ve Got Some Really Cool Tattoos

Getting inked is as common to us as it is to them. But, since they are celebrities, we always like to take a special notice.

Check out the list of highest recipients of Nandi awards from TFI

Recent ga AP government 2014, 15 and 16 years movies lo Nandi award winners ni announce chesaru. So, check out the list of actors,...

14 Roles That Prove Nagarjuna Is The ‘King’ In Experimenting

An actor incomparable to anyone when it comes to experimentation.

Engineers Among Tollywood celebrities

Engineer-- Aa padaniki unna weightage chaala ekkuva.Entha antey Engineer's day ani oka roju cheskune antha.Illu kattalantey Civil engineer, Meeru vaade vehicles kavalantey Mechanical Engineer,...

Tollywood Heroes Who Look Handsome Even After 40 Years Of Age

Mana Tollywood lo chala mandi young and handsome actors unaru, but vellaki tough competition istu chala mandi seniors actors roju roju ki inka handsome...

Reel life couples to Real life couples in Tollywood

Konni cinemallu chusinapudu manaki, “abba! Veelu real life lo kuda couple ayunte enta baagundu” anipistundi kada.. Okkavela vaalu nijanga couple aipote… aa kick ee...

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