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Movies with robbery as the main plot

Mana Tollywood lo chala robbery sequences chusam, konni movies lo avi just oka scene eh aitey,konni movies aitey oka robbery chuttu story mottam tirugutu...

List of movies in which the lead pair don’t talk much

Usually, mana movies lo hero and heroine madya chala conversation untadi, scenes chala untayi, dialogues inka ekuva untayi. But mana Telugu lo konni experimental...

Things sisters do that annoy the brothers most

Brother and sister, e relation chala special. Sisters mana best friend and at the same time mana enemies kuda. Because vellu manalni blackmail chesinantha...

Tollywood star kids for whom Tollywood fans are eagerly waiting for

Mana Tollywood lo already oka generation actors industry ni rule chestunnaru like Ram Charan, Allu Arjun, Jr NTR and Manchu family. But aa next-generation...

Interesting Break-Up Stories From Telugu Movies

Mana Telugu movies lo love stories ki oka prominant place undi, apudepudo vachina Devadasu, Geethanjali nundi mona release aina Arjun Reddy daka, prathi director...

Tollywood Actors Who Portrayed Politician Characters On Screen

E title vinagane manaki gurtocche first actor Arjun, Oke Okkadu movie lo one day CM ga act chesi asalu real life lo politician ante...

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