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15 South Indian Heroes and their changeover from Debut to now

They change like anyone of us. But, the South Indian Heroes have a necessity to maintain or alter the looks is a bit more necessary for their profession.

Lesser known facts about the birthday beauty, Shruti Haasan.

Shruti Rajalakshmi Haasan (Shruti Haasan) was born in Chennai, and did her schooling from Abacus school. She was and still is a multi-talented lady...

Triple characters chesina mana South heroes

Mana abhimana herolu okka patralo kanipisthene manaki anandam, adhe rendu patrallo kanipisthe inka mana anadaniki haddhulu undavu alantidhi moodu antha kanna ekkuva patrallo kanipisthe...

Kamal Haasan : The most versatile actor ever

Mana industry lo chala mandi heros unaru, but kontamande actors unaru. Andulo manaku baga gurtoche peru Kamal Haasan. Eyana nata vishwaroopam gurinchi manaku teliyandi...

14 Tollywood Stars Who Did The Roles Of Classical Dancers In Movies

Mana Tollywood lo K Vishwanath and inka ayanalanti legendary directors manakenno marupurani classic films icharu. Vella movies lo music, dance and mana traditions meda...

12 Actors In Tollywood Who Portrayed Female Characters On Screen

Mana Telugu industry lo star heroes kuda lady get-ups vesina valle. It's definitely not an easy task. Career manchi peak stage lo unapudu e...

Tamil Film Actors who started out as Child-Actors

There are actors in every industry who have been introduced to the field of Cinema at a very young age. And we ended up...

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