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2016 lo there are many telugu movies that have made the year beautiful

Different stories, thrillers, comedy, sentiment and many more. This year has been memorable with a beautiful collection of telugu movies. 1. January a. Nannaku Prematho b. Express...

These low budget movies are the ones you must watch!

1. Aithe (2003) 2. Anand (2004) 3. Godavari (2006) 4. Amma Cheppindi(2006) 5. Happy Days (2007) 6. Ashta Chamma (2008) 7. Gamyam(2008) 8. Andari Bandhuvayya(2010) 9. Ala Modalaindi (2011) 10. Pilla Zamindar(2011) 11. Avunu...

9 kickass Female villains in Tollywood movies

Women can act really flexible ani prove cheshnaru kondaru ladies who played negative roles in movies and did a fantastic job. There is no...

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