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Rare Gallery Of ANR : A Tribute To Stalwart Of Telugu Cinema On His Death Anniversary

Telugu cinema ki four pillars tho compare cheyalsi vaste andulo oka pillar ani doubt lekunda cheppe peru legendary icon Akkineni Nageswara Rao AKA ‘ANR’...

10 Telugu Actors Who Portrayed Lord Sri Krishna’s Avatar In Movies

Lord Rama, Krishna, and epic mythological characters like Karna, Arjuna, and Duryodhana lantivi eppatiki evergreen roles ea. Ippudu antey complete ga commercial way lo...

Here Is The List Of Movies That Every Fan Wished Their Favorite Hero Shouldn’t Have Done

Mana favorite hero vi nachhina cinemaalu manaki ennainaa undochhu alaage nachhani cinemaalu kuda konni untaayi andulo especially at least oka cinema, idhi mana hero...

Tollywood Actors Who Are As Inspiring Off Screen As They Are On Screen

‘With great power comes great responsibility’ is an old saying we always hear. Being a celebrity, people are always watching your steps in making...

21 Times When Our Actors Impressed Us With Their Disorders On Screen

As humans, manalo prati okariki edo oka mental problem untane untadi. Ante like konitini chuste bayam kalagadam, kondarni chuste kopam ravadam and very importantly...

20 South Indian Actors Who Also Hosted Television Shows

Small Screen Industry, the TV industry has almost similar popularity as the silver screen in South India. It has so much reach that film...

7 Tollywood Movies which inspired real life mishaps

Movies lo nunchi manam chaala things ni mana lives lo ki teeseskuntam. Dialogues, songs, costumes, swag, punch dialogues, dance moves and many more untay....

15 South Indian Heroes and their changeover from Debut to now

They change like anyone of us. But, the South Indian Heroes have a necessity to maintain or alter the looks is a bit more necessary for their profession.

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