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8 Reasons why rajinikanth’s life is an inspiration to us

Ivala mana Thalaiva birthday. The never-aging superstar Rajinikanth turns 67 years today and it's like a celebration to all his fans. Asalu Rajinikanth ni...

15 South Indian Celebrities Whose Real Names We Never Knew

We know that few celebrities change their names once they make it into the glam world. But, will that really matter to us? Some...

15 Telugu Celebs and their Real Names

Often we see that celebrities put a different reel name and we get so used to it that original name ni marchipothamu and adi...

If Indian cricket players are compared to Telugu actors

1. Sachin Tendulkar - Rajnikanth Age is just a number. Their records and fans are countless. 2. Ganguly - Pavan Kalyan They are best known for their...

Why Neruppu Da ..is a Truly Important Song for Inspiration

Neruppu Da, simply leads the pack of rest of Rajini songs that have been composed on similar lines before.

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