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A ‘Star Maker’ : Satyanand And His Students

He has played key role in turning some of our biggest star into what they are today.

Things sisters do that annoy the brothers most

Brother and sister, e relation chala special. Sisters mana best friend and at the same time mana enemies kuda. Because vellu manalni blackmail chesinantha...

Flop movies rejected by star Heroes

Hit movies ni reject chesi mana star heroes kontamandi tappu chesina, but konni flop films ni oddu ani chala manchi pani chesaru. Check out...

Tollywood Stars who acted as NRI’s in movies

Mana Tollywood loki cinema meda passion tho chala mandi NRI's film industry loki enter ayaru like Vennela Kishore and Krish. But on screen meda...

14 Interesting twitter bios of mana celebs

Twitter is a platform where mana and all groups lo celebs share their stories with all of us. Alanti social media platform lo chaala...

You Probably Didn’t Know These 11 Celebs From Telugu Film Industry Were Relatives

Relatives in Telugu Film Industry is a common phenomenon. Here are some of them you might not have come across.

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