Here’s How Team India’s Cricket Jersey Has Evolved Over The Years


Cinema, Cricket anevi mana Indians jeevithalo entho prabahavam chooptaayi. Ika cricket vishayaniki vaste adi oka matham, kaadu anthaku minchi. Cricket is more than a religion in India. Alanti mana Indian team ante oka pichi, aa Indian team Jerseys Kaalam ki anugunamga ela abhivrudi chendaayo chudamma

Just take a look at the evolution of Indian Cricket Jerseys over the years

1985- One of the initial jersey!

1985 Indian Jersy1992-World Cup saw a deep shade of blue

1992 Indian JersyWe saw two different jerseys in the year 1993

1993 Indian Jersy1996-World Cup: Multi-colored much?

1996 had another jersey as well which was quite the opposite of its earlier one

1996 Indian Jersy

1998 was the year of experimentation it seems with three jerseys making its way in a row.

1998 Indian Jersy1999-World Cup jersey

Another one in 1999

1999 Indian JersyThe change of millennium in 2000 marked the change of our jersey as well

2000 Indian Jersy2002: The most loved jerseys of all time

2002 Indian Jersy2003-World Cup: When we came very close to winning the title once again

2003 Indian Jersy2007-ICC T20 World Cup: The lucky jersey that saw team India win the first edition of ICC T20 World cup

2007 Indian Jersy2009: Time changed and we raised the bar bringing in a very chic jersey

2009 Indian Jersy2011-World Cup: And we became world champions yet again

2011 Indian Jersy2012: Team India had never looked better!

2012 Indian Jersy2013: Way too many bits and pieces on this jersey didn’t make a mark in the long run

2013 Indian Jersy2015-World Cup

2015 Indian Jersy2016-T20 World Cup

2016 Indian Jersy2019 – World Cup Multiple Jerseys

2019 Indian Jersy