India’s Favourite Biscuit Parle-G Trends On Internet!


Parle-G is our all-time favourite biscuit. It has been a very important part of our childhood and the mention of it brings in a lot of memories. Inexpensive, comforting and the best company to our favourite chai, there is absolutely nothing like this humble biscuit.

Image (12)In the month of March, a nationwide lockdown has been announced and we had to say good-bye to a lot of our favourite foods. During this time, we observed several food trends on the net, including the Corona Pakoda or the Nutella Biryani. Several foods and their quick recipes were trending on Tiktok and some foods were given alternative names called Tiktok foods. The super famous Dalgona Coffee which took the internet by a storm was also called as Tiktok Coffee.

Image (13)But, all this aside, recently a very famous and humble food item started trending on the internet. It is our very own Parle-G biscuits. After the lockdown was lifted in our country, Parle-G has recorded its highest sales ever, the biscuit lovers shared their immense love and gratitude towards the biscuit. Several users have shared emotional and heartfelt love towards Parle-G by sharing pictures and memes.

Image (14)Launched in the year 1938, Parle-G has been a huge part of our lives. The yellow packaging with a little baby’s face on it has made our hearts and bellies happy for so long. And, lost somewhere in the fancy biscuits and cookies, Parle-G has been facing loses for over years. To see our biscuit bounce back, nothing like it.
It is not just a biscuit, but an emotion for us 90’s kids, isn’t it?