India’s First Ever Vertical Forest Apartments in Hi-tech City, Hyderabad

The environment gives each individual countless benefits that we can’t repay our entire life even if we tried very hard.

However, in a new venture with regards to protecting our planet, 360LIFE, a new age organization is to come up with India’s first and Asia’s second Vertical Forest Apartments called ‘360LIFE THE ORIGIN, in Hi-tech City, Hyderabad to be handed over in the year 2024.

Doesn’t that idea sound all Natural, a Habitat, and the real Living World? It indeed is.

As stated by the company, this 30-story tall structure not only has aesthetically pleasing and beautiful characteristics, but it also significantly contributes to healthy living by providing fresh air and a dust barrier. Besides this, it also has a vertical forest and well-maintained vegetation along the front.

India's First Ever Vertical Forest Apartments in Hi-tech City, Hyderabad

Spread over 3 acres of land, the property consists of 288 flats, with 60% of the land being open forest and vegetation which will provide a beautiful air and an awesome health.

Vertical Forests promise a sustainable living, an efficient use of resources for a quality life without interrupting or harming the environment especially during the time when the climatic fluctuations occur every now and then.

This ultimate idea of 360LIFE promotes an absolute Nature-Friendly living in India where it reduces the use of Earth’s natural resources by not depending on external factors and sources for quality food, air and water in a distinctive and dependable way which even links to a healthy life.

360Life Vertical Forest Apartments will give an extraordinary and serene experience with 1000+ trees in the surrounding area and tiny ponds. Big, staggered and overhanging balconies in each flats, which are supposed to fit large outdoor tubs for vegetation and allow the growth of huge trees without any interference even across three stories of the building.

The most interesting part is that every apartment has multiple balconies, for instance, a fruit-bearing balcony, an aromatic bedroom balcony and a vegetable-bearing kitchen balcony.


Also, each flat will be equipped with cutting-edge air management technology that ensures an adequate and consistent distribution of fresh air throughout the property.

This 30-story building has 25 residential floors with 5 parking floors above the basement.

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