India’s Parsis are slowly dying out, and it’s a worrying trend

There is an interesting story about how Paris settled in the country. The king – Jadi Rana, was requested by the immigrants if they could settle in his kingdom. He sent back a bowl full of milk to signify that his kingdom was full.

The leader of the Parsis added some sugar to the milk and it dissolved without the milk spilling over. The king let them in, and since then, the Parsis have been like sugar, adding sweetness to every place they settle in.

Parsis are arguably India’s most successful community, with the list of achievers running from hundreds of years ago, and across disciplines – Dadabhai Naoroji, Jamshedji, JRD and Ratan Tata, the Wadias, the Godrej family, Zubin Mehta, Freddie Mercury, Sam Maneckshaw, are only some of the names of illustrious Parsis in India.

However, the Parsi community has been slowly going extinct. In a last ditch effort, the Government has announced initiatives and incentives for the community. However, there are serious doubts if it could solve the problem.

(Feature Image Courtesy: Wikipedia)

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