India’s second ever Human Library event in Hyderabad!


Libraries are repositories for knowledge sharing through books. But now, this is not just limited to books. Knowledge can be shared through many ways, humans can be one such way!

Yes, you heard it right. A Human Library, you can borrow and read humans here. This concept was first started in Copenhagen by Ronni Abergel, along with his brother and colleagues — all part of a youth movement named Stop the Violence. The original event held in Copenhagen in the year 2000 was held over two days and featured 50 titles. The movement has spread to over 70 countries, and even led to the formation of a permanent library in Australia. The idea of this event is to educate people and to challenge stereotypes with the help of unknown and untold stories of known and unknown.

Indore was the first place to hold such an event. Hyderabad being the second place is now ready to launch its second such event this April. They had 10 Human books to be screened in the event that happened in march. Now the team is ready with nearly 25 books and this is a very innovative and exciting step taking by the group.

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