India’s Sumit Nagal Wins Hearts After Clinching 1st Set Against World No: 3 Roger Federer


US open ki qualify aina ‘Sumit Nagal’ 22 years old tennis player from India ni appreciate chesthu Virat Kohli pettadu. Mahesh Bhupathi, Leandar Paes, Somdev and Bopanna lanti tennis sensations taruvatha malli India nundi men’s singles and doubles lo cheppukodagga player evaru US open lanti tennis tournament ki qualify kuda avvaledu.

Us Open

Ippudu chala days taruvatha ‘Sumit Nagal’ ane tennis player US Open 2019 ki qualify aiyyadu. Qualify aiyyadu kani first match emo World Champion ‘Roger Federer’ tho padindi. Kani Sumit matram chala confident ga court lo hard hitting shots tho Federer ni defend chesadu.

Sumit Nagal

Defend cheydame kadu Federer tho ami-thumi ane range lo poti padi first set 6-4 theda tho gelichadu kuda. Kani next sets lo Federer full dominance tho Sumit ni 1-6,2-6 and 4-6 sets tho odinchadu.

Kani US Open ki qualify aiyyi Federer ni first set lo beat chesina Sumit Nagal ni ippudu netizens antha ‘Indian Nadal’ and upcoming tennis sensation antu pogudutunnaru. Because first match lo all time tennis sensation Roger Federer ni beat cheydam chinna vishayam kadu.

Sumit Nagal

Andhuke even match taruvatha…..Federer kuda Sumit Nagal ni praise chesthu. “He knows what he can bring. That’s why I think he’s going to have a very solid career”, antu praise chesadu. This is why Sumit Nagal ni antha ippudu Indian Nadal antu internet lo media lo hulchul chestundi.

US Open

Anyway let’s wish this champ bright and better games ahead and hope he will make us proud one day for sure with Grand Slam.