10 Ingredients That Make Haleem An Appetizing Dish


Like Hyderabad antey biryani, Biryani antey Hyderabad same Ramzan antey Haleem, Haleem antey Ramzan. Hyderabadi’s ki biryani ni antey entha istamo same holy ramzan fest special haleem antey kuda anthey istam. Haleem ni muslims fasting untaru kabatti energy kosam anni ingredients tho kalipi chesey ee recipe vallu evening prayers tarvatha tiskunataru. But, haleem ni hindu, muslim, christians antha chala istanga tintaru.

Assala haleem antha tasty ga undataniki reason ento telusa aa recipe lo use chesey ingredients anta. Andulo use chesey different spices, Awnu mari aa ingredients ento okasari chudandi.

1. Allspice – Kabab Cheeni

Unique Haleem Recipe

Kabab Cheeni ee ingredient ni english lo all spice ani antaru. Idi haleem making lo important ingredient its look like dried fruit. Actually ee ingredient oka unique flavor untadi it gives all spice flavors’ in it. Idi haleem ki manchi flavor nee add chesthundi. This spice is loaded with nutrients like potassium, manganese, iron, copper, selenium and magnesium.

2. Lentil (Masoor Dal)

Unique Haleem Recipe

Lentil masoor dal in Hindi (Errapappu) pulses item to use in the making of haleem, it is also the main ingredient.

3. Jeera (Cummin seeds) (జీలకర్ర)

Unique Haleem Recipe

Idi major ingredient for all Indian curry recipes, it actually good for digestive system. To dominate other spicy spices and for easy digestion they use it in haleem.

4. Shahi Zeera (Caraway Seeds)

Unique Haleem Recipe

Shahi zeera is slight different from jeera. It is actually darker than jeera and tastes sweeter than jeera. They use it in haleem because it gives some sweet flavor to it.

5. Saffron

Unique Haleem Recipe

Saffron flower nundi seprate chesina flower lo stigmas ne manam saffron ga cooking lo use chestha untam. Saffron is pungent smell and gives unique taste when it used in dishes like biryani, Indian sweets, and in haleem.

6. Jaggery (Bellam)

Unique Haleem Recipe

Yes don’t stare at us, minimal jiggery (bellam) is added in haleem recipe.

7. Dry fruits (Almond, Cashew, Pista and fig).

Unique Haleem Recipe

Almond, Cashew, Pista and fig powdered mixture plays major in haleem making. Ee dry fruits flavor ae haleem ki chala taste ni add chestayi.

8. Natural gum cooking ingredient.

Unique Haleem Recipe

Natural gum is an organic natural ingredient rarely use in cooking. But it comes to haleem, most of the unique chef’s will add this ingredient in haleem.

9. Cloves and Black Pepper

Unique Haleem Recipe

Cloves give spicy flavour to haleem and some quantity of black pepper is also required for haleem preparation.

10. Ghee based Gravy and fried onions.

Unique Haleem Recipe

At last haleem is added with ghee based gravy which actually makes more delicious. Fried onions are used to garnish the haleem top with lemon slices etc.