This Insta Post By Chinmayi Sripaada On Why Should We Stop ‘Victim Blaming’ Is A Must Read

Chinmayi Sripaada, a name that needs no introduction, and she never backs down from rising her voice against vultures who lurk in innocent veils that are always looking ways to prey on women. Her recent Instagram post again raises an imp discussion that we all should be doing, we should educate our boys, sex education is important, we need to tell our daughters about the vultures and their instincts and we need to educate our boys, we can’t be ashamed in doing these things. We should be ashamed if we can’t do these activities. Don’t be bullies, let us think before we act, don’t let your insecurities take over you, let this so-called cultural conditioning go to dust, educate yourself. Show some responsibility. And for god’s sake stop victim-blaming…..

Chinmayi more power to you ?

1. Stop Victim Blaming

1.Chinmayi Sripaada insta post

2. A Child Cannot Give Consent

2.Chinmayi Sripaada insta post

3. Society needs to introspect

3.Chinmayi Sripaada insta post

4. Who are we to give them rights? They have every right to do what they want

4.Chinmayi Sripaada insta post

5. It’s Never A Survivors Fault

5.Chinmayi Sripaada insta post

6. Society Blames Women Everytime, But Why?

6.Chinmayi Sripaada insta post

7. You’re On Your Own

7.Chinmayi Sripaada insta postClick the original post here

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